Topobox can be used to teach, study, & play...

Topobox is an incredible addition to any exhibit, classroom, or rec room. Use it to teach myriad Earth Science subjects, or simply let participants explore the augmented reality of Topobox and learn independently. 

TopoBox is an excellent addition to Museums, Educational Centers, Bureaus of Land Management and many more

In an independent study of the original augmented reality sandbox, developed by the LakeViz3D Project, researchers found that - 

"users often stay at the sandbox for more than 20 minutes (and sometimes more than an hour), far exceeding common dwell times at single exhibits. In addition, users are frequently observed working together on tasks they have set for themselves, especially building specific landscapes with the sand" [Audience Viewpoints Consulting, 2014].

So whether using TopoBox to explain the importance of responsible land and water management to policy makers in your region or engaging children with the increasingly important sciences of hydrology, geomorphology, and topography in your museum, you'll be sure to have an enthralled audience.






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